When you have ups and downs, trials and tribulations, no friends to be found then you know what to do, let Go and let God.

When you arise each day pray and go along your way and find that you are faced with an unexpected fate then you know what to do before it is too late, let go and Let God.

When you save your money to pay your bills and you see the world has many thrills, yet you feel your dreams are unfulfilled then you know what to do, let go and let God.

When you lay down at night to go to sleep and you shed tears from pain and sorrows so deep, then you know what to do let go and let God.

When you decide you have had enough and you want to do something about a lot of stuff and you face a bully in school who thinks being a bully is cool, then you know what to do, let go and let God.

God can do anything but fail, then you should try Him and see won’t your life have the victory.  So, what will you do today before it is too late? The right thing to do in the midst of the storm is to let go and let God.

      Copyright © 2013 Esther Grace Simmons

Esther loves Chevrolet Camaro because they are her favorite cars.

The history will give detailed information about first car her granddaddy Henry ought her for her sixteenth  birthday.  It was a 1973 Ford Pinto.  She received this manual, stick shift car as a Sixteenth birthday present.  It was blue. After those years on Grimball Point, she moved up to the Chevrolet Camaro while living on Grimball Point with her family.

Always remember family should stick together like duct tape as mentioned in my published poetry book.  Below, is a picture that was taken when my Godmother from Temple Hill, Maryland had the family reunion at Lake Mayer.

This is Aunt Shirley from Washington, DC. She is Esther's Godmother sister.  Esther's Godmother and her entire family held their family reunion in Savannah.  Esther drove her camaro to the family reunion picnic at Lake Mayer.  This is a picture of her Godmother's sister at Laker Mayer standing next to Esther's Chevrolet camaro convertible.  They were having fun enjoying food, family and friends at this festive family occasion. Always remember Esther's original philosophy: "Family should stick together like duct tape."

Esther also owned a metallic blue 1995 Chevrolet Camaro with T-tops.  Esther bought this car on October 26, 1995.  You can see the blue camaro in her poetry book on the page entitled, "My Last Ride."

The speakers on the top of the car is used during the United House of Prayer for All People Grace American Peace Parade. The first Parade Announcer, Elder Campbell from New York rode in this car in 1996.  Esther drove the lead car in the parade in September 1996 in Savannah, Georgia. 

Esther currently owns a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro dressed in Arctic White.  She loves sports cars, especially a Camaro.

Esther loves to write poetry and compose songs.