Her goal in life is to become an inspiration and encouragement to others so that she will help someone along the way.  Travelling life's journey, Esther uses her God-given talents, skills and abilities to help someone use their talents, abilities and skills.  Everything Esther has done and will do in her life is to the Glory of God.

Esther is singing to the Glory of God

Esther Grace Simmons

She is an inspirational speaker, vocalist, songwriter, emcee and poet.

Esther hopes to leave a legacy that inspires you to be the best at whatever you do in life.  If you cannot be the best at least try to one of the best.

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Remember always  "Put your trust in God and give him the Glory."

Esther self-published her inspirational poetry book, Esther's Book of Original and Inspirational Poetry. It is a collection of poems that focus on family and the importance of finding one's purpose in life and living life to the fullest. Esther's motto: "Inspiration for a Nation" is a challenge for people to use their God-given talents.  Always put your trust in God and believe that everything is in his will.

Esther driving the lead car (1995 Camaro) in the Parade.

Guess what?

Esther means star.

Grace means unmerited favor of God.

Simmons is the name of a college in Boston, Massachusetts (Simmons College).

Like so many people, Esther believes she is "blessed and highly favored."

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I appreciate your continuous love, support and prayers.  Esther Grace Simmons