Singing to the Glory of God.  Esther loves to share her talent with people.

2019, Sang, "God of a Second Chance," Memorial Service of Mr. Joslyn Craig Sheppard, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, April 28.

2018 Sang "Humbly I Pray" The 20th Anniversary Celebration, Neighborhood Improvement Association, Inc. (NIA), Savannah, Georgia, December 7.

2018 Sang "I Believe in You and Me" An Evening Wedding of the Gore Family. United House of Prayer For All People, Savannah Mother House, November 12.

Esther in her Choir robe on Sunday morning during 11:00 service in 2018

Esther sang with the McCollough Majestics from 2013-{Present.  They are a singing choir in Savannah Mother House, United House of Prayer For All People.

Esther sang with the McCollough Number 2 Choir in Charlotte Mission, Washington, DC from 1991 through 1993.   She was blessed to lead the choir in a song entitled, "Softly and Tenderly" before the leader, Sweet Daddy Madison in Buffalo, New York during the Annual Holy Convocation.

From 2010 through 2019 Esther has been singing at various events.  She started singing in church as a child.  The first song she sang as a youth on a Sunday was a song entitled, "Let It Be." 

In High school she placed runner-up in the Miss Sequoyah Pageant.  She sang the gospel song entitled, "No Charge," by Evangelist Shirley Caesar.

In college (Howard University, Washington, DC) Esther placed 2nd in the Homecoming Variety Show, 1980-81.  She sang the gospel song entitled, "No Charge."

In college Esther placed 2nd in the Miss School of Communications Pageant, 1981-82.  She sang the gospel song entitled, "Have Faith in God."

Songwriting: First CD with Esther's song composed especially for young people.

Esther composed a song entitled, "Teens Trying to Prevent Crime in America".  It is number 6 on the Hilltop Records label "America."  The singer's name is Cody.  Esther has written 3 additional songs:  "Do You Believe,"  "You Can Survive These Times," "You are My Best Friend."

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